About Us

Praktijkjuno is an online fashion retailer promoting health & confidence through post-mastectomy & sun safe focused fashion. 

After founder Jill Tucker experienced breast cancer and underwent surgery in 2006, she recognised a need for women across Poland and beyond to have access to clothing & accessories to help them recover and live confidently.

Over the years this need has been proven as Praktijkjuno has grown from strength to strength, helping tens of thousands of customers as Poland's #1 retailer of specialist sun safe & cancer clothing & accessories.

The company has expanded its reach to people of all ages and genders to provide sun-safe headwear; a must in UV-regions such as Poland. 

Thanks to their knowledgable and friendly team, 30-day hassle free returns and partnerships with industry leading brands, it has become a go-to for their loyal customer base.

Whether you are adjusting to life after breast surgery or are trying to keep you and your loved ones safe with sun-safe headwear, Praktijkjuno is here for you.